Wireless USB Controller from LucidPORT

Now that Wireless USB products are starting to ship we’ll see a lot more of USB-IF certified chips and controllers. Take the LucidPORT L800 WUSB Device Controller.
lucidport l800 wireless usb controller
This is an 8 or 16 bit memory mapped DMA slave chip to provide wireless connectivity to 31 devices. The L800 supports all the drivers offered by USB spec such as Mass Storage Device, Printer, Scanner and Video Classes and will auto switch between wired USB and Wireless USB connections. So what does this mean? Here’s an example, the LucidPORT L800 would be integrated into a PC, either onto the motherboard or an adaptor card, from there the L800 can pick up a signal (either wired or wireless) from the USB port via an actual device, like a USB Flash Drive or a USB dongle, which is the host wire adaptor. From there you can set your printer, MP3 player or cable modem on the other side of the room and communicate, share and transfer files. Of course, this also means your peripheral (printer, MP3 player or modem) must also have WUSB capability. This is good news for LucidPORT to receive certification from the USB-IF (Implementers Forum) and I’m sure we’ll see many more to come as WUSB builds momentum. Learn more about WUSB. Source: Sys-Con Media, LucidPORT

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