U3 Software: e-Capsule Zero Footprint Encrypted Web Browser

EISST or Enterprise Information Security Systems & Technologies introduced their 100 percent encrypted web browser, the e-Capsule, the first of it’s kind. We’ve seen countless warnings of Internet Explorer being hacked and e-Capsule could be your answer. E-Capsule is a zero footprint internet browser because the application launches from a U3 USB or UFD drive. The elegance of e-Capsule lies within the code as security and confidentiality of online sessions and transaction are embedded in the application design.
Here’s a great example of a normal browser:
For example, cookie-based web transactions store the users’ information at the end-point such that any data that is exchanged with a Web server, often including credit card information, is most likely stored on the hard drives as text files unless the cookie feature is switched off in the Web browser. Similarly, the use of an access control procedure based on simple login (username and password) credentials can be easily bypassed with keyboard sniffers or social engineering techniques.
So here are four advantages to e-Capsule:
  • The application establishes a VPN channel with the proxy server yielding in higher security.
  • Zero footprint browser as it runs from U3, a platform which does not leave information on the host computer.
  • Any cookies or temporary files are kept within the embedded e-Capsule browser software.
  • Uses the two-factor authentication which is 1) you know something like password and 2) you have something, the flash drive. Without both, you get nothing.
Now me personally, I use Firefox as it provides not only excellent browsing features, but the list of plug-in modules are extensive. But keep in mind my use of a web browser is not corporate 500 or better where IT managers must pay attention to 100s if not 1,000s of web surfers. Update:  The U3 e-Capsule zero footprint encrypted web browser is free on trial bases for 30 days and does not include the encryption engine. The trial version is intended for browser experience.  The full version is available for $29.95USD which includes the encryption technology – there is no graphical user interface (GUI) changes with the full verison, just the auto-encryption while web browsing. Source: U3, e-Capsule

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