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Guest Article Post
GetUSB will post your article for free in exchange for a technology post we provide for you to post on your website or blog. Your article must be submitted in English with correct grammar and punctuation. The article must be at least 300 words. You may include up to two images to be included with your article. The article may have only one link to an external landing page. We reserve the right to edit the article before publishing and of course, will get your approval if any edits are made, before the post goes live.

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Using the same link, you will see has a PageRank of 6. This is a very strong page rank.

Sidebar Image
Image in Sidebar with link to requested landing page. This ad spot is $75 USD per month.

Sidebar Text Ad
Text in Sidebar with link to requested landing page. This ad spot is $75 USD per month. Text length cannot be longer than one sentence of about ten words.

Footer Image
Image in Footer with link to requested landing page. This ad spot is $100 USD per month and we include one sentence with one anchor text link.

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