USB Eye Warmer Ranks #1 For Useless Product

usb eye warmerOk, there are several items we need to discuss about the USB eye warmers. First – the picture is classic. Guy looks like sleeping at work – not a good image for selling product. At least put the subject in a hospital bed or white background so the first image running through your mind isn’t sleeping at work. Second – Warm your eyes to reduce fatigue and tired eyes.  Isn’t that called sleep? There might be some obscure medical research to back up the notion of warmth to the eyes [while not sleeping] reduces fatigue, but doubt it. Third – The website reports:
User controls temperature by hand and switching power on/off.
That statement is ridiculous. No sh!t power on/off would control temps. In Conclusion – Because of the items listed above, I’ve made a proclamation as editor of The USB eye warmer is the most useless product I have ever seen. Period. If you feel differently here is the link to the $13 gadget.

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Rich Gates

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