Strange Things Are Happening to USB Drives These Days

It’s always been a gas to report on those strange USB drives floating around and I thought we had seen it all with the Spongebob drive, Biscuit drive and Star Wars Pez drives, but today I bring you yet another. Minimoo brings us four new USB animal drives to place into our “useless novelty” category [although not useless, sure is goofy]. As the flagship product we have the USB turtle, Göran.

usb turtle

Next up we have Fredrick the USB gorilla, Jan the USB sheep and Maud the USB pig.

usb gorilla, usb sheep, usb pig

The common USB sizes are available which are 1, 2 & 4GB with prices between $43-$75. I’ve got a brother-in-law scared to death of turtles, so I’d love to get him Göran. The look on his face when a USB turtle is sticking out his USB port would be legendary. Although probably not to funny to you. Anyway – getting your veterinarian a “thank you” tech gift or starting your own USB animal collection would never be easier, thanks to Minimoo of course. Source: Digital Drops.

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