USB Stomp Box Gets Musicians Ready to Rock

IK Multimedia is shipping their new USB stomp box, the StompIO for a plug-n-play floor contoller and audio interface for guitars. I’m a bit familiar with embedded designs and especially those related to USB, so the reports of the StompIO being delayed wasn’t a surprise.

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None the less, the USB stomp box is a unique product which provides the musician with a host of benefits such as replicating numerous amps, mics, stomps, cabinets and rack effects on the fly. So here’s the deal, the stomp box is the first of it’s kind with high quality effects in a compact floor control design. You can operate every aspect of the software without connecting a monitor and keyboard. Connecting the box [via USB] to a host computer (Mac & PC compatible) , the StompIO is a powerful tool for recording making it an excellent [portable] solution for the touring and gigging guitarist. The StompIO is the only software-based guitar amp and FX that can truly be used live.  Since you need a computer for processing the effects, IK Multimedia sells a nice add-on computer to run the StompIO while on stage. The IK stomp system comes with five pre-loaded software packages. They are:
  • AmpliTube 2
  • Ampeg® SVX
  • AmpliTube Jimi Hendrixâ„¢
  • AmpliTube Metal
  • AmpliTube X-GEAR
The grubby details include StompIO having 51 stomps, 26 amps, 33 cabinets, 11 mics and 23 rack effects. The IK Multimedia StompIO will set you back $1,050 and is available now. IK Multimedia webpage.

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