Underwater Snorkel Mask Sports USB For Jaws Sightings

Technology convergence can be fun, useful and sometimes awkward and with the underwater scuba mask sporting USB connectivity combines all three. Using a 5 mega pixel camera, Liquid Image has created an underwater camera built right into your scuba mask.  Not a bad idea at all.  Especially at a $99 price tag.  Never before has it been this in expensive for vacationers to get a snorkel mask and camera for that Bahamas’ trip.

usb underwater snorkel mask

Running off AAA batteries, your pictures are saved to a built in 16MB of memory (not enough) or microSD card.  After your afternoon swimming with the fish, download everything via USB. The USB snorkel mask includes a shutter release button and cross hairs on the tempered glass for sharp shooting.  A little storage compartment for, I would think, fish food and a LCD status display screen.  Other features include video mode and hi or low res mega pixel settings. The USB Liquid Image snorkel mask is due for release at the 2008 CES show and available for just under $100. USB snorkel mask product pageSource:

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