Titan the Unequivocal Indestructible Flash Drive

So we’ve seen UFDs that withstand 2,000 pounds of weight, we’ve seen underwater flash drives and we’ve seen rugged flash drives, but what about all of that, plus the security of anti-shock and anti-static? After all, UFDs are most susceptible to static electricity which is a leading factor in failing flash drives. Slava Tyukalov answered this call with his highly customized and durable flash drive line specifically designed to address these types of issues, the Titan.
Each Titan is hand made with the highest quality materials and the greatest level of care. Here’s the run down: Each flash drive starts with a graphite/aluminum composite metal combination to create a light yet very durable enclosure, this type of mixture is something you’d see in NASA products or prototypes, next coat the UFD with Titanium making it corrosion, chemical and acid resistant. The finished product results in the flash memory being completely protected from anti-shock or static shock occurrences.
titan flash drive
The creator of the Titan, Slava Tyukalov, is more then just an engineer, he is also an artiest:
I specializes in exclusive high-end, custom-made computer accessories. Since I can remember I’ve been into art in one-way or another, whether 3D Design, Modeling or Sculpture. I am constantly fascinated with hands-on art and craft. And I have always wanted to translate that passion I felt into an original work of art.
Mr. Tyukalov will be producing a limited edition of 100 units that are shippable within 48 hours of receiving an order. Jump over to and see the static tests and order information.
indestructible flash drive
Some video for your pleasure. First is an attempt to destroy the Titan via driving over the flash drive. Second video is the Titan getting shocked to death, then passing the static test.


Source: Tyukalov

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