Jeep brand flash drive, come on!

Alright, seeing the Eddie Bauer Jeeps are bad enough but now a Jeep flash drive, come on! Reading the product promotional material made me laugh out loud enough to make this post. It reads, “The rugged flash drive was created for those who savor the off-road lifestyle – where creature comforts are sacrificed for the thrill of back trail adventure. The Jeep USB drive is designed to reflect the ruggedness, durability, and style that consumers have come to expect from Jeep vehicles.” OK, first, has this person ever owned a Jeep? Second, to savor the outdoor lifestyle from a flash drive is ridiculous. Last, if you are one who basis your personal style off Jeep products then your alter-ego perfect match would be a Disneyland obsessed trinket collector who wears Mickey Mouse t-shirts 24/7. Enough said, if you like it and want it, then $30-$50USD will close the deal.

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