The Blade PMP Player from MPMan

So MPMan boldly states they are the creators of portable MP3 players and most recent entry into the market is the Blade PMP. In a few, we’ll look into the MP3 claim but for now lets look at the Blade.
With a 1.5 TFT color screen and the ability to play video, MP3, WMA, DRM and OGG along with slide through jpgs we’re off to a good start. The smooth touch-pad nav area looks nice and streaming FM radio is a nice touch. At just 7mm thick that’s the strong point of the Blade, and the roots for the product name. The PMP supports connection to Win 2000, XP, MacOS and for the stone age genre Win98 – in fact, who spends resources to support Win98 – is there some big Win98 market share we’re not aware of? Source: Gadget Centre, UK

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