Police Pluck Evidence With COFEE USB Stick

Microsoft developed a USB stick to pluck evidence out of computers at crime scenes.  The USB device is called COFEE (Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor) and has the power to blast through security settings to get the good stuff…and quick.


The COFEE USB devices is ideal for on-site investigation where law-enforcement needs to extract data quickly and accurately.  The Microsoft COFEE contains 150 commands which dramatically cuts down time to gather digital evidence.  It can decrypt passwords and analyze a computer’s Internet activity for crimes such as identity theft, pornography and fraud.  In addition, the device can extract data stored on a computer. With this device law enforcement no longer has the need to pack up computers and laptops for a foreensics lab to investigate, many of the common tasks are done on site and immediate with the COFEE USB stick.
Microsoft compared the Internet of today to London and other Industrial Revolution cities in the early 1800s. As people flocked from small communities where everyone knew each other, an anonymity emerged in the cities and a rise in crime followed. The social aspects of Web 2.0 are like “new digital cities,” Publishers, interested in creating huge audiences to sell advertising, let people participate anonymously. That’s allowing “criminals to infiltrate the community, become part of the conversation and persuade people to part with personal information,” Microsoft believes.
The COFEE technology is being used in more than 15 countries right now and with Microsoft giving away these devices to law enforcement, I’m sure many more communities and agencies will jump on board. Good for you Microsoft. Source:  Seattle Times.

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