Multiple Widescreen Bliss With EVGA UV Plus Display Ports

EVGA is lowering the bar for USB to VGA adapters and that’s a good thing.  Traditionally you would pay upwards of $200 dollars for a USB to VGA adapter but now the UV12 and UV16 adapter from EVGA are under $80!

usb vga adapter

The UV Plus family take an existing USB port and convert that bus into a VGA/DVI adapter for additional monitors.  This is ideal for those will lower video processing power (laptops) who want two or three widescreen monitors. I spoke with Jeff, a pre-sales rep at EVGA and he did caution me against using the UV Plus family for hard core video applications such as 3D applications or demanding video gaming.  The UV12 and UV16 are designed more for office use with email, web browsing, accounting, databasing, spread sheet use and word processing applications. The UV12 is ideal to bring in another monitor of 1280×1024 or 1440×900 resolution.  The UV14 is suited for larger applications of 1600×1200 or 1680×1050 resolution (wouldn’t that be nice). The UV Plus family uses onboard virtual drivers inside the adapter to power and run the conversion from USB to VGA and provides the additional power needed to successfully run additional monitors without tapping into your video card. Beside the fact of adding monitors without stressing your system is a great benefit, the fact these devices are available for $80 is probably the biggest beni of all. NewEgg has the UV16 for $80 but couldn’t find the UV12. Product page.  Source: EverythingUSB.

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