ION LP-2-Flash Is For The Smart And Lazy

ION Audio has a handful of vinyl to digital audio converter products.  However, the ION LP-2-Flash is their first to directly off-load vinyl audio to a USB stick, USB hard drive and even SD card.  The LP-2-Flash is a standalone, PC-less vinyl audio ripper for simple operation for even the most lazy music junkie.

lp 2 flash ion audio

The LP-2-Flash has a built in SD slot where you can directly load up your flash memory.  The process fully logs, categorizes and separates the audio tracks and digitally converts them to MP3.  If you aren’t into SD then USB is equally available.  Now, connecting your USB stick or HDD for vinyl download is just as easy. Sample rates up to 192kHz.  Wow.
“LP 2 FLASH is the culmination of our efforts in turntable innovation,” said Gregg Stein, Director of Marketing, ION. “Not only is it a fantastic analog turntable, it empowers anyone, regardless of technical level, to update their old music to today’s portable, flexible formats and enjoy it anywhere: on cell phone, iPod, MP3 player, computer or in the car.”
The ION LP-2-Flash is currently available in the UK and to follow in the states before 2009. Source:  SlashGear.

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