Give Your USB Some Class With Exclusive UFD

ZaNa Design is looking to raise the bar for classy looking flash drives. Sure we’ve seen UFDs made of wood, but not like this.
zana usb drive
Using only high quality wood such as Merbau and natural Amber, ZaNa hand crafts each USB drive for 100% customization. In addition, the UFD gets further enhancements with stone flint – which if I understand things correctly – glow from the underlying LED during operation. Not that my geeky girl would turn flush-pink at these UFDs, it does make for a good conversation piece, which could lead to who-knows-where. And what high-class UFD wouldn’t be complete without some metal? ZaNa includes silver appointments throughout for that fine finishing touch. With a unique look and feel, ZaNa didn’t stop with just estethics either, they include Ultra Stable Technology to insure your data isn’t lost with accidental power down or disconnect. Not geeked-out enough, read more about Ultra Safe Technology here.
zana usb
Available in 1GB and 2GB sizes from prices between $64 and $95. Each USB drive comes with a hand crafted jewelry box.
zana jewelry box
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