Tree Branches have USB flash memory

wood USB flash driveUSB novelty items are of late these days. Afterall, everyone under the sun is making one. After our Freshly Squeezed Flash article went on the hunt. We just spoke with Guido of OOOMS who makes USB flash drive from tree branches. Yes, those folks in the Netherlands are very crafty and resourceful, literally. Guido collects the wood from local spots near his shop in Eindhoven. There is no carving or manipulation in these works of art, just raw nature with a high-tech spin. In fact, OOOMS claims “the bugs do the carving…we simply integrate the technology.” Each unit is hand built/integrated and for you tree hugging, get back to nature, granola cruncher types – nothing was chopped down for production, just what has fallen to the ground. Global shipping is not a problem, prices start around $50USD.

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