Earth Day – How Does USB Gear Fit Into This?

earth day logoHappy Earth Day.  Over the years, GetUSB has reported on a number of green friendly products.  Today we’ll take a quick look at what some of those are. For example, how would you like to listen to music with a hand crank MP3 player while making your way through a jungle?  Not adventurous – well you can still do your part with the Go Green USB Earth Drive.  But even that might be a little extreme for you.  We do have a selection of wood flash drives which might not be the best “go green” decision, but it would cut down on plastic. Probably one of the most useful things we could collectively do is stream line production and consumption and go with one standard for power connections.  This would reduce the number of useless cables and connectors made for all different types of electronics and we could just settle for one cable which does it all. As a closing note, we could monitor our electricity consumption a little better with a USB temperature and humidity logger.  After all, keeping a closer eye on how often that air condition goes on would not only help the environment, but reduce your electric bill. To read up on Earth Day please visit the official website for more details on how to clean up our mess.

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