Hand Crank and Walk Away MP3 Player With USB

Seems everyone is going green these days.  I don’t mind – let the grandkids live longer, better design on products and less impact on the environment.  Veiro applied this philosophy to their new hand crank MP3 player.

veiro wind up mp3 player, usb

I’ve seen hand crank music players before, they where specifically design for [lack of better terms] 3rd world countries where batteries are hard to find or too expense.  I would think the Veiro is going after the same consumer base…but with solid state memory.  Why? The products I’ve seen before where hand crank cassette players with many moving parts and the charge didn’t last long, or the winding had to be continuous.  Here, the Veiro uses no moving parts in their device, thus 1 minute of winding will yield 20 minutes of playback. The hand crank MP3 player also has a built-in LED torch so you can get a few minutes of light for those strange situations.  A USB port is available for maximum charge (4 hours of play back) or use the USB connector to recharge other personal device via some hard work, sweat and tears. Is it that hard to become EcoFriendly with your hand crank MP3 player for the tune of $80? Source:  Anything But iPod.

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