The “Go Green” USB EarthDrive

ATP is a northern California memory manufacturer who’s just launched the most “green” USB drive you’ve ever seen. The EarthDrive is designed and built using the maximum amount of bio-recycled materials resulting in a fully recyclable product.

recycle earthdrive

I’ve been meaning to do something about recycling USB drives as I purchased domain a while back and intended to do something about recycling. I still plan on doing it, but ATP has sure come up with a great environmental plan for USB memory recycling. ATP doesn’t stop with just a bio-recycled drive either, part of the purchase price of the EarthDrive includes a contribution to American Forests, a world leader in planting trees for environment restoration. ATP doesn’t disclose how much is contributed (we’d like to know) but knowing the EarthDrive is a small attempt to offset our carbon footprint a is reassuring proposition.

recycle usb earthdrive

The EarthDrive is available from 1GB to 8GB ($19 – $99) sizes with distribution channels yet to be announced.
“The EarthDrive takes our more than fifteen years of effort, design and quality implementation in the memory marketplace to the next level. Now, more than anytime in the history of our company, we are committed to creating products that take into consideration the environmental impact on our world and our global community.” said Michael Plaksin, ATP Vice President of Sales.
ATP EarthDrive home page. Photo via EverythingUSB.

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