World’s Smallest USB Charger, USB to VGA Adapter and iPhone Power Cradle

Lets bring you some USB Fever in the form of smallest USB charger, USB VGA adapter and iPhone power cradle. Lets start with the world’s smallest USB charger. The idea is very simple: embed a USB connector inside a power plug. No LED for complete charge but the device is intelligent and turn off when a charge is complete. So what size makes up the world’s smallest USB charger? How about 7cm tall.

smallest usb charger

Smallest USB Charger product page. Next up is this slick USB to VGA adapter. Although we are seeing more USB monitors these days, it’s safe to say most monitors our there still have VGA connectivity. Well, as you make the transition, this easy to use, plug and play adapter will aid in the process.

vga to usb adapter

VGA to USB adapter product page. Finally, we’ve come to the last item on today’s list, the iPhone power cradle. Forget about all the iPhone hype for a moment and you’ve got to admit, it’s probably the best looking piece of gadgetry out there. So why not display your love for band-wagon gadgetry? With the USB Fever iPhone power cradle you can prominently display your iPhone all the while synchronizing your YouTube collection and juicing her up for the next big outing. At just $20 it’s a good alternative to the stock iphone charger.

iphone power cradle

iPhone Power Cradle product page.

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