Wireless Digital Media Player or Wireless DMP

Steaming audio and podcasts are today’s hype on social media but when will this convenient and idealistic technology make it into homes and TVs via wireless channel for video. At least in the sense of built in technology rather then home-brew solutions.
dmp wireless digital media player
KestrelMedia has introduces their first generation of wireless streaming media solutions. The DMP or Digital Media Player connects to TVs and displays stored audio, video or just about anything over an 802.11g network. Using UPnP-AV protocols to discover and play back remotely stored content the platform can easily be manufactured as a standalone product. KestrelMedia platform is based on a dual architecture approach, using separate processors for networking and AV/GUI processing. This provides a product with a high performance wireless network connection, but with enough horsepower for AV processing, menu navigation and all traditional user interface functions to work quickly and reliably. It’s believed that watching movies over the wireless network is even easier than using your DVD/CD player.

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