Protect Your Zune – Four Great Zune Cases From Soft to Hard

1) Proporta is coining a new phrase, Mobile Sock. Here they show off a pack of socks which not only fit your Zune but just about any PDA or mobile device. Nice durable material and although everyone has the material to create an alternative, it’s nice to know your Zune hasn’t been hang’in with stinky piggies.
proporta sock
2) Next is the Alu Leather case, not pig skin, from Proporta. The leather case is lined with aircraft grade aluminum to protect your Zune from impact shock or accidental crushing. A slim and sleek case and very strong. Nice.
proporta alu leather
3) Now moving away from animal references all together, Proporta introduces a Silicone case for a tough, protective skin. Cut aways are just in the right spot to give access to navigation and the case maintains a small, tight look and feel to your coveted Zune.
proporta silicone
4) Molded for a perfect fit, the all aluminum Zune case is perfect for the klutzy and care-free. The light weight, clasping case is beautifully designed with anodized outer finish and soft neoprene lining on the inside.
proporta aluminum case
So here is the breakdown on price Proporta Zune Cases:
  • Proporta Socks $18 (set of 3)
  • Proporta Alu Leather $35
  • Proporta Silicone Shell $20
  • Proporta Aluminum Case $35

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