Vaccine Your USB Drive, Not Your Dog

Well, it’s probably a good idea to vaccine your dog too, but today we can apply that term to something new, USB drives. LG Electronics launched a Vaccine USB drive equipped with anti virus and malware protection software. Appartently the first of it’s kind.

usb vaccine lg electronics

The Vaccine USB protects the UFD in real-time during operation. There is a built-in autorun feature which constantly monitors data being transferred on the UFD device. The Vaccine USB monitors both read and write functions to provide the highest level of USB security. The anti-virus Vaccine software is automatically updated through pings on the web to insure the latest virus’ are updated to the USB device. The USB Vaccine drive comes with a two year licenese against viruses and malware. Continued license cost is yet to be announced, but should be nominal with consideration for the large sales of the consumer product. Vaccine USB drives are available from 512MB through 8GB of storage. Source: LG Press

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