No, I’m not a “player” but the iPlayer is a nice piece of technology for cocktail conversations. The iPlayer is a standalone video player which can run content from a number of different flash media cards or USB drives. In addition, the iPlayer may be connected to either your TV or monitor. The iPlayer has the ability to quickly and easily share photos, music and movies on your TV or monitor.


Sure, for the home user this might not be the ideal USB gadget for viewing your favorite content, BUT if you are running a business and doing trade shows the iPlayer is clearly worth a second look. The iPlayer makes it easy to set up a video displays without needing a PC or TV. With the combination of the iPlayer and monitor (flat screen I’d assume) you could have a slick looking trade show presentation in little time. With the convenience of running digital content from 7 different media types, it’s easy to pre-configure your presentation then run when needed (MS, MSDuo, MSPro, SD, miniSD, MMC, RSMMC, USB).

iplayer video mp3 wmv

The iPlayer runs MPEG 1,2 and 4 along with MPS and WMV audio files. With the VGA out, it’s also easy to connect a projector for group demonstrations and trainings. iPlayer product page.

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