USB tokens from KoolSpan secure WAN links

Some don’t like to admit their WAN is hanging out there, not to worry as KoolSpan has a solution where you don’t even need to consult your computer doctor. The KoolSpan Key is a 2-factor user authentication token. It contains a cryptographic Smart Card and unlike most other “dongles”, the KoolSpan Key supports up to sixteen different network connections. Use it for your office network, your home network and up to 14 other networks. The token is a pin-protected device. You must enter your PIN number to unlock the token. If your token is lost or stolen, no problem. If the PIN number isn’t entered correctly in 3 attempts (typically), the KoolSpan Key is disabled from further use. All of the configuration parameters for Wi-Fi and Remote Access connections are maintained securely in the internal Smart Card. User “keys” are entirely secure within the Smart Card. In fact, there is no way to read the secret user keys and they are never transmitted or exchanged across the network. If they can’t be read, they can’t be hacked. The KoolSpan Client Key contains sixteen (16) different network directories. As KoolSpan Locks can be “nested”, one key can be used to connect to the primary Lock and additional keys on the same token can be utilized to allow you to go “deeper” into the network.

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