USB Pedometer is USB Health Care

On the heels of the USB infra-red heating pad for relieve of aches and pains we bring you the USB pedometer. Pivoting off the “age of information” the USB pedometer enables you to further analyze calories burned, distance and a hand full of other snibbits of info.
usb pedometer
USB Fever offers this product for $17 and includes the following features:
  • Pedometer displays steps taken to 999,999
  • Memory Retains Up To 3 Days of Step Data between Uploads
  • Upload Your data to the interactive interface to chart your outcome
  • View Calories Burned and Details on your Daily Activities
  • Exercise Log
  • Calender Feature
  • Event Alarm
  • Personalized
  • Take Steps to stay in shape
  • Interactive interface to chart progress, monitor calories burned whiles, jogging or running
  • Log your daily data for future reference
  • Easy installation
usb pedometer software
If the USB pedometer doesn’t fit your style than consider the diet software designed for U3 drives. Source: Hong Kong

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