USB Panic Button – Obvious Stealth

Can I apply oxymoron to a product? If I could this would be it. The USB panic button. The idea is a single tap on the panic button clears your computer screen of those erm suspect websites and opens a generic document so your boss or wife doesn’t catch your mouse where it shouldn’t be.
usb panic button
Another tap of the USB panic button and “game-on.” My problem with this useless USB gadget is the large, obtrusive, colorful button grabs plenty of attention and your boss will want to push it as badly as you. BAMB, now you’ve got your boss in your face and p-rn on the screen. Too bad those Corona Time-Out’s don’t really work. The USB novelty gadget is kinda cool, but it’s definitely not the USB self-destructing button. Source: Pocket Lint

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