USB key plugs into Clarion car stereo

Now this is USB On-The-Go technology…the new Clarion DB568RUSB is a CD/MP3/WMA receiver equipped with a USB port, which allows drivers to play music downloaded on to a memory stick. You can now connect all kinds of peripheral equipment using the common USB (Universal Serial Bus) standard interface. By connecting a mobile audio player directly to the USB connector, you can enjoy all of your MP3/WMA format music files through the car audio system. The system supports a maximum of 255 files, 255 folders, 28-character file names and 16-character folder names. Other technology in this unit includes Z-Enhancer (for control of gain and frequency) and Magna Bass EX (to boost the ultra-low frequency range). is always excited about new Clarion products (we love them) but this one isn’t a big shocker as they follow in the footsteps of JVC and their KD-G720 car stereo.

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