52 alpha-numeric USB keyboard will save you time

So the traditional keyboard is a 104-key Qwerty keyboard, but do you really use everything day-in and day-out, couldn’t some time and space be saved? New Standard Keyboard believes so, just hopes they understand that old habits die hard…and in this case, very hard.Although several good reasons for choosing the New Standard keyboard are plain to see, some of the most important benefits are hidden from view. The alphabetical arrangement of the letters is obviously very user-friendly for beginners and occasional typists, but the more important hidden benefit is its efficiency for the high-speed touch typist – which is what most two-finger typists can become on this carefully optimized invention. More letter sequences use E and R than any other pair of letters. In the 1930’s, Dvorak and Dealey found that the fastest typing is when successive letters are typed by opposite hands on the home row, which is clearly how E and R should be arranged. Taking that as one example from many, it is easy to see why the traditional “Qwerty” letter arrangement is notoriously inefficient. The alphabet reading straight across the keyboard is no better, and no-one was interested in the apparently random scatter of letters that was Dvorak’s recipe for robot efficiency. In a breakthrough letter arrangement, the New Standard keyboard combines the user-friendliness of the alphabet with efficiency comparable to Dvorak’s. It then installs those letters on an ergonomically sound key arrangement where the misalignments and impossible stretches and reaches have all been eliminated. Dominant digits, instead of the little fingers, control the shift keys. Tactile landmarks lead the fingers to keys where you expect to find them, encouraging touch-typing skill to develop spontaneously in the course of using the keyboard.

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