USB Duplicator By Nexcopy Expands to 60 Ports

Nexcopy just released two large USB duplicator systems that are 40 and 60 ports.  Geared towards in-house USB duplication from fortune 500 companies, schools, universities and service bureaus, the Nexcopy units offer the largest PC based systems on the market.

USB Duplicator, Large 60 Ports, Nexcopy

It would be interesting to know how they got past the Windows drive letter limitation to reach the larger capacities.  The two new USB duplicator systems are modular in design.  Meaning you can start with a 20 port duplicator and expand it to 40 or 60 ports by simply adding more boxes.  I like this feature because it allows the user to grow as their duplication requirements increase. Nexcopy also mentions their new Data Collection feature.  This is an interesting concept as it does the reverse of what you would think a USB duplicator is designed for.  The Data Collection feature allows you to suck data OFF the USB stick and put the content to the host computer.

USB Duplicator, USB400PC, Nexcopy

The USB Data Collection feature was designed for schools and universities so teachers who collect homework [or tests] on USB sticks have a quick and easy way to extract the data off their students flash drives. The software will automatically create a directory for each student’s falsh drive and dump their data into that specific folder.  If there is no flash drive name, Nexcopy assigns it’s own naming convention to it.  Slick. The other feature we haven’t seen from other USB Duplicators, is the unique data streaming feature.  This Nexcopy exclusive allows the user to direct unique content to each individual USB flash drive.  Say you need a unique serial number to each USB stick, the Nexcopy API will allow you to stream that unique content to each device.  With the printed number of the USB port on the face of the duplicator, it’s easy to ID which drive has which serial number.  You could expand this “unique data streaming” approach to any number of applications. The USB400PC and USB600PC are $2,299 and 2,999 respectively. Source:  Technabob.

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