Split Stick USB Drive Keeps Your Personal Data Personal

What are the two things people always tell you; “don’t hire your friends and family” and “keep your work life separate from your personal life.“  Well, the USB split stick was designed for just that.  The USB drive is split into two drives.  The top lever allows you to pop out the USB connector for either work files or personal files.

USB split stick

I think this is brilliant.

You get 2GBs for each side, so whether it’s work and home, his and hers, or legal, illegal, it’s easy to separate the two without having a stoner moment and mixing your lifestyles.

The 4GB split stick sells for $20 and is available now.

Here is a bit from their press release:

With the Split Stick, you can enforce the digital divide between office and personal, home and away, yours and hers, g rated and x rated, or whatever else you choose to separate.

Designed and developed by the quirky community, Split Stick is two, two-gigabyte retractable USB drives that are built into one slim (four gigabyte) stick. The Split Stick is made of an anodized aluminum body and encased in a protective rubber membrane. The Split Stick comes in a range of colors: orange, blue, pink, red, black, violet, grey, or green. This plastic button allows one to easily navigate between the two different sides of the drive.

Source: Engadget.

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