USB Cryptex – Old Idea – New Hack

Who didn’t love the movie thriller “The Da Vinci Code?”  Not only that, who didn’t dream about having a cool Cryptex gadget to store all your valuable secrets?  Come one, you know it would be phenomenally great to have such a device.  Well, it might not be that far off. A Russian engineer has posted his version of a USB Cryptex case which includes detailed drawings, CAD files and component assembly. You can’t help but to want one. [more photo’s after the break] The device is comprised of brass rings which encase the USB flash drive.  The ring case includes a cap and four brass rods as the locker.  When the correct combination is set, the brass rings depress internal pins, which then let you slid out the cap and get access to the internal USB flash drive. What is impressive about this, is the level of craftsmanship and creativity to make a USB Cryptex device.  To get the full details and the step by step on creating such a master piece, it’s all available from a Russian Steampunk website:

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