USB card reader + 4GB SD card = SanDisk SDHC

SanDisk SDHCTypically we don’t give kudos to “competing” storage devices to that of USB but since SanDisk was nice enough to create a USB Micro Mate card reader for the Ultra II Secure Digital media card we chimed in for a post. Here’s the deal, SanDisk just released the largest capacity Secure Digital media card under the new SD 2.0 Specifications or SDHC – now take note, devices which use SD might not be compatible with the SDHC (or SD version 2.0) so check your product manual or manufacturer site to be sure. BUT to make life just a little easier SanDisk is bundling their Micro Mate USB reader with the new 4GB SDHC flash memory unit. For how long is your guess, but act now and you’ll get it. Be sure to look for the new SDHC logo to make sure you’re getting what you want.SanDisk SDHC If you need more info on SDHC or just a tech geek looking for a dry read, here is the link to SDHC specs: The SDHC 4GB card + Micro Mate will be just a couple coins over $200USD.SanDisk SDHC

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