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project-a-phoneAs our high tech gadget gear can do more, process more and store more it’s obvious we’ll want to share more. Project-a-Phone is doing just that, or what it’s company name says, today they announced a new projection system for your cell phone, PDA or any mobile device. The company designed projection system to easily share what is viewed on a mobile device to small or large groups. The Project-a-Phone ICD-5000 is an excellent tool for teachers, professors or trainers looking to display information from their mobile device. The device has a hard mounting system to clamp down the mobile unit, then a high resolution image capture station to display exactly what is being seen on the screen. Connect via USB to send off to a PC monitor, project or directly to the internet. The system can take pictures of the screen, record audio, video or take still images individually in a programmed sequence. The Project-a-Phone can also display multiple screens simultaneously to show the interaction between difference devices.project-a-phone Such an excellent tool for corporate techies and educational brainiacs. Some last second points:
  • 5.17 MP image sensor
  • 3.15 MP screen shots
  • 30 frames per/sec VGA resolution
  • Accommodates screens up to 8cm wide and 6cm tall.
Visit their site for clear examples of screen shots and other capabilities.

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