USB Blade is Silicon System’s Solid State Space Saver

Silicon Systems introduces their new USB Blade SiliconDrive, an ultra slim, ultra small USB drive designed for embedded applications.
usb blade silicon systems
Although it’s not the first embedded USB drive we’ve seen, it does have the smallest foot print. Silicon Systems put the USB Blade out for those seeking additional storage where space is a big concern. Designed for shock, vibration and temperature changes the USB Blade does aid in the embedded applications market. At the size no bigger than a postage stamp, the USB Blade includes Silicon Systems PowerArmor, SiSMART and SiliconDrive Secure for enhanced features.
  • PowerArmor = Eliminates drive corruption in ungraceful power-down
  • SiSMART = System to accurately forecast useable life of a flash device (flash memory)
  • SiliconDrive Secure = Suite of user selectable security technologies for flash memory and data storage security
Two items stick out from the SiliconDrive web page, first a MTBF (mean time before failure) of 4 million hours, and a 5 year warranty on the flash memory. 5 years this technology wont even be around – but hey, I like it. Source: SiliconSystems via PC Launches

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