Ultra Slim USB Digital Voice Recorder

Gadgets and the size of those gadgets have always been inversely proportionate.  We want the bigger and better technology features with a smaller physical size.  Here I bring you a classic example: the USB digital voice recorder.

usb digital voice recorder

At the size of [about] a credit card – 6.5mm – this digital voice recorder can record up to 69 hours of audio.  The USB digital voice recorder is a 1GB storage device with a flip-out USB connector and flush mounted controls for recording, pause, play, rewind etc. The voice recorder saves audio in WAV file format and comes with a Li-Ion battery which is rechargeable via USB.  Since we are talking flash memory here, the gadget appears as a Mass Storage device on your computer and files may be added or deleted in traditional fashion. I’d like to see the price come down a few dollars – but hey – sometimes you have to pay for that slim design.

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