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UFD’s Are a Gateway to Data Breaches

usb security issuesRecently the head of marketing for SanDisk, Dror Todress, made a claim where “there are endless examples of data breaches…” then immediately sites an example of a stolen US Army UFD (USB Flash Drive) being purchased from a reporter just 200 yards from an army base in Afghanistan.

Todress goes on to explain most IT managers understand and are aware of such security risks and most employees who bring in USB drives or MP3 players with mass storage capability do not have malicious intentions. However, this doesn’t mean valuable information IS leaving the building.

Considering between 80% – 90% of UFDs do not have encryption software, I thought to browse back through my USB Security category and list out a couple articles which could be of help.

USB lock – a physical blocking of USB port

Free open-source USB encryption software – TrueCrypt

Visual password protector

Disable writing to USB drives on Windows systems

IT management software to control USB endpoints

SanDisk’s answer

Windows Vista locks out USB (actually I don’t think it ever worked)

Wireless PC lock from USB dongle

Another PC port blocking software package

There are a host of other USB devices with security features in my USB security category, but those are device specific not network specific.

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