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TrustWatch is SanDisk Security Answer to UFDs

Today SanDisk launched their TrustWatch solution for UFD management. As one could guess, with hundreds of UFDs being deployed in a company there becomes a huge security risk for IT managers. TrustWatch is a well thought out solution to manage the complete life cycle of the SanDisk drives.

In short there are 3 main components to TrustWatch.


TrustWatch Access – this component allows management of the UFD itself, such as passwords, email client, spyware scanner etc.

TrustWatch Vault – This of course is the encryption portion of the solution for the UFD.

TrustWatch Manager – this is the enterprise side of management for all the deployed UFD drives. Here, an IT manager may control any number of UFDs remotely.

Finally, TrustWatch does work with an endpoint port control function of TrustWatch or it will work with 3rd party software packages as well.

usb security

So how easy is it to switch your flash drive over to SanDisk TrustWatch – easy – all you do is throw down a huge amount of cash and replenish with the TrustedFlash brand. So you have an arsenal of Lexar flash drives – hmm, then you’re SOL. Oh and did we mention the Linux based rack-mounted server which needs to be installed.

trustwatch server

However, given the level of difficulty to manage UFDs if in large numbers, the above seems like a very well thought out, detailed plan for IT departments to get back the control they need.

trustwatch software

Source: SanDisk Press

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