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U3 Software: Atlantis Portable Word Processing for U3

Atlantis is carving out a name for themselves with non-Microsoft word processing software. I’ve used the software and I like it. Atlantis is taking a more social approach to their software. You’ve got plugins to download and easy integration of audio and video.

u3 atlantis word processing

Recently Atlantis made their Word Processing portable for U3 flash drives. I think most of us can agree there is a love-hate relationship between Microsoft applications and having to use them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m impressed with Microsoft, I couldn’t have done what Bill did. But the fact is, most of us get trapped into using their software because it’s at home, at work and everywhere else.

But, Atlantis U3 portable word processing software chips away at that notion. Since there is a strong bond between owner and UFD devices, the U3 platform creates a powerful and portable way to keep things close to us which are dear to us. Even if you get techy and apply that concept to say, word processing software.

If you own a U3 drive, download the Atlantis software and give it a crack. You’ll really like it. Here are a couple bullet points which should send you over the edge for a download:

  • Well designed control board
  • Page sections, fields, headers, footers, newspaper columns, bullet/number lists, sytles, booknotes, endnotes, footnotes
  • Safeguard files with 256-bit encryption
  • Backup Files automatically
  • Spell check as you type
  • Power Type (like Google Suggest)
  • Complete customization of tool bars, menus, hot keys and sounds

The Atlantis U3 word processing software is a free trial download. The cost for registration is $35 and the license gives a full U3 version and PC version so one license does it all. Atlantis word processing for U3 and PC also supports 12 different languages.

Source: Atlantis, U3 Word Processing

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