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Bookmark Editor's Choice Award Did you ever ask yourself “Why hasn’t anyone come up with ‘XYZ’…” and the very next day you somehow, miraculously, stumble upon the exact solution you need? Well Bookmark Base was that exact scenario for me. Bookmark Base is a simple, clean software utility that auto-syncs your web browser bookmarks between computers. For example, doing research for creates a lot of bookmarks – there is just too much good stuff out there! The bookmark management process has become truly frustrating – and since we work 24/7 for your enjoyment, many times one project is being finished at home, while the work PC holds all the bookmarks. There must be thousands of computer users who are in the same situation. Whether you are a hard-core web user, surfer, researcher or entrepreneur Bookmark Base is a great utility. In conjunction with so many folks using both work and home computers on a daily basis the U3 platform has made portability a snap, and even then things may not sync as easily as they should. With the added functionality to synchronizing your browser bookmarks, life gets that much easier. I’ve been using the software the last week and it really is nice and convenient. The software is not complicated and has large navigation buttons to make life simple. The synchronization is quick and easy and the bulk link verification tool is great for those bookmarks from 8 months ago which are no longer valid or moved. Because of the contemporary software design, unique features and [very] usable tools we give the Bookmark Base the Editor’s Choice Award for August, 2006. So here is a breakdown of what Bookmark Base offers:
  • Install Bookmark Base directly to your flash drive – absolute portability – the software was designed for portability and can be transferred between computers without restrictions. There is no trace on the PC used with Bookmark Base.
  • All popular browsers supported: currently all versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera
  • Easy editing ability for bookmark management, you can change captions, URLs and descriptions for your bookmarks, etc.
  • Now this is truly nice – URL checker! Fast embedded bookmarks checker to validate all those URLs, and it does the process in bulk mode.
  • Export bookmarks to another browser. I spoke with the Bookmark Base and they are currently developing the ability to export to file and export to Bookmark Storage, a utility to archive your past bookmarks.
If you are a hard-core web user, surfer, researcher or entrepreneur Bookmark Base is a great utility and for a drop-in-the-bucket, worth getting. $20USD.

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