Such a small little teeny-tiny flash drive

USB powered gadgetsThe OCZ Roadster is a 1GB data storage unit where the USB port connector is bigger then the flash memory. This design is smart because the cap-less configuration means you can protect the connector without loosing the cap. also likes the slim design as the flash drive wont hinder the use of other ports. I’m sure we’ll see larger capacities in the months to come. The OCZ Roadster is the ideal solution for anyone seeking ultimate portability with their personal USB flash drive. In addition, the Roadster’s small footprint means you’ll never have to unplug surrounding USB ports to make room, a common problem with many oversized competitor drives. Users can access files stored on the Roadster from the convenience of any USB port thanks to True “Plug and Play” functionality. Instantaneously play music, view images, or open files as if the Roadster was an onboard hard drive.OCZ Roadster

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