Easy navigation and Skype friendly VoIP speakerphone

Kensington VoIP Vo300It seems VoIP speakerphones and USB phones are more common then flash drives these days. Kensington is shipping their new Vo300 Internet Speakerphone today. With just a simple USB connection the Vo300 extends the number touchpad of your computer to that of the VoIP phone for easy dialing. In addition Kensington is pushing their echo-cancellation feature, which is a bare necessity for any VoIP setup to ensure you don’t hear 3 voices when there are only two people. One button Skype access to your Skype Voicemail (it needs the service) and backlit LCD for easy reading to sort through all those contacts, call history reports to provide proof of performance for your boss, and call status so you know how long your boss has been on hold. The unit features large button navigation to make life just a little easier when toggling between calls, hold or scrolling. For just under $90 you can purchase directly from their site. Check out Kensington’s how to guide below.

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