RoadBox the Black Box for Cars

RoadBox is your black box for cars. So you got in an accident; you could say wrong place at the wrong time.  To make matters worse, the “other guy” is over exaggerating her injuries and to top it off, YOU didn’t even cause the accident. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a video to fall back on?  With RoadBox let the video do the talking so you can relax knowing the truth is just a click away.
roadbox black box
PLK Technology, a company owned by Hyundai Motor Company, introduces the RoadBox. It’s a video capture device and software analysis tool for car accidents. How it works:
Abu Sharkh, General Manager says, “the RoadBox captures crucial accident data at the moment of crash by recording accident images and vehicle acceleration data 14 seconds before a collision and for six seconds after impact.”
The RoadBox video system is placed at the windshield and continually plays but only records if there is an accident via special sensors which activates after impact, collision or sudden hard breaking. The unit also has a manual button so if an accident happens in line-of-sight, you can play good samaritan and record. Finally, you can launch the software analysis tool, download the data via USB and send the information to your insurance company so that pesky liar is put in her place.
roadbox software
RoadBox will run you about $410 USD Source: V-Blackbox [image] PLK via Alibaba Network

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