Review: Terratec Headset Master 5.1 Surround Sound USB

Gadget Centre has once again pulled through with an excellent review. The Terratec USB Surround Sound Headmaster is one high-tech, well built, hard core headphone system.

…held together by a unsightly looping support which wouldn’t look out of place in a medieval dungeon, it’s a good job the Headset Master is for your PC: if you took it outside people would go out of their way to point and laugh at you.

terratec usb headphones

Chris Russell points out that although they are a little heavy, they are well built and designed for the hard core gamer who’d appreciate every tweak of sound during an all intense Counter-Strike tourney.

In fact, Chris claims the Terratec Headmaster headphones improved his game,

“On many occasions I heard the tapping of footsteps behind me, thanks to the ‘phones, giving me enough time to turn and put down the would-be assassin. I can safely say I wouldn’t have heard him coming with my bog standard 2.1 speaker set-up.”

Taking the Terratec over to the movie section, Gadget Centre found the headphones to be a little light in performance. Specifically tinny sound and inability to find the right balance for the 5.1 surround setup.

The USB Headset Master does come with some cool tools. Controlled from the PC you can tweak many things; sound like a monster, make yourself squeaky or flip over to the opposite sex.

So Chris’ conclusion is,

“the Headset Master 5.1 is a mixed bag really, if you’re a gamer the sound is adequate and adjusting the volume of the channels on the fly can help avoid attacks from behind. As a headphone alternative to a 5.1 system, or for watching film, it comes up a bit short, then again, for just $50 you can’t grumble too much.”

If you’re reading this and from the UK, then jump over to Gadget Centre for more news, reviews and tech info. Source: Gadget Centre

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