U3 Software: Opera 9.1 for Flash Drives

By default, most use IE for their web browser and those wanting a little more switch to Firefox. You’ve also got a portion of that browser pie who love Opera. Recently Opera-USB become available for U3 flash drives. Opera is a portable browser, email system, contacts database and download client.

opera usb u3 software

As with Mac/PC Opera there are a host of internet surfing tools available for this portable application. If you’re on the fence here are a couple safe harbor statements:

  • No unwanted effects in IE (or other browsers)
  • Existing Opera versions are unaffected
  • Opera-USB makes no registry entries
  • Albeit cached files do sit on the host computer, everything is removed upon closing.

Opera also provides a list of U3 foreign language support modules. All for free of course.

Source: U3 (Opera download), Opera-USB

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