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The world is quickly moving to a wireless environment. Earlier in the year I talked about how to boost your Wifi signal, and today we talk about making your own, portable, personal Wifi for wherever you go. Granted this isn’t a hack or tutorial, but with the use of the PHS300 Personal Hotspot, creating an island of connectivity has never been easier.

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CradlePoint manufactures the PHS300 and with their technology and any broadband-enabled mobile phone or modem, simply plug in the phone or USB modem to the CradlePoint router then connect your computer, get access and share. I guess you could add in a few extra steps if WEP/WPA security options are required.
“The personal hotspot includes a built-in lithium-ion battery that will keep it running for several hours and can be recharged via USB when connected to your computer. It can even be used to recharge a phone that’s connected to the USB port, though that will no doubt reduce its own battery life.”
So lets take a look at some applications the CradlePoint PHS300 would be valuable for: wifi personalWifi Mobile Business – Putting the convenience of mobile phone connectivity and Wifi connectivity together will help any mobile business user. The PHS300 would be ideal for a group of on-site audit accountants who need quick and easy setup to Wifi for a team of auditors. wifi vacationWifi RV and Vacation – What RV would be complete without internet access? The PHS300 modem instantly transforms your mobile signal into an internet Wifi browsing party anywhere in the country. Share with the whole family and stream video or share photos with friends instantly and quickly. wifi emergency responseWifi Emergency Response – The best application for the CradlePoint PHS300 would be need of internet access in a emergency response situation. Being able to create a portable Wifi spot for a group of engineers or emergency crew would be vital for passing critical information off to the agencies which need them.
The CradlePoint PHS300 is available from Amazon with prices starting at $156 (at time of this post – check for current price)
Source: OhGizmo.

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