Portable IT department in your back pocket – literally

TechRepublicWith the number of employees working out of a home office increasing drastically over the past 10 years, many are good at what they do, but are in no way computer technicians and can often get stuck when computer problems arise. To that end, TechRepublic created a portable IT flash drive to help those in need. This field manual is a 1GB flash drive loaded with how-to’s and troubleshooting information on topics such as user administration, client systems, server systems, networking, hardware and security. Seems like a must-have for the less techy or the IT guys who like to have their entire arsenal in their back pocket. With the 1GB size you still have plenty of room for additional tools like scripts, utilities, U3 applications etc. Pricing is around $90USD and click-the-pic for a PDF of the table of contents on what’s included.TechRepublic

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