Origami USB connector

360 USB connectorO-ri-ga-mi: The Japanese art of folding paper into a decorative or representational form. Well this USB connector might not be a decorative form, but it sure is foldable. Lindy introduces this 360 USB connector which not only swivels but also folds up or down. If you’ve ever tried to connect an odd-shaped USB powered gadget and ended covering a neighboring port, or couldn’t get the USB connector to lodge securely in the host adaptor, then Lindy offers this component to help. Here are some key features:
  • Swivel and rotate action to connect without obstructing adjacent USB ports
  • Use with USB WLAN adapters, Bluetooth adaptors, MP3 players etc
  • Ideal alternative solution to a USB extension cable
  • Supports all USB protocols.
For just $4USD you can grab it right off Lindy’s website.origami usb connector

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