Porcelain Memory Stick

USB sticks have long lost the luster of the early days when it was cool to have no matter what they looked like. Today, most of the ubiquitous sticks look like the computers they are meant for – pretty darn boring. Why not change that a little and add some soul to a otherwise lifeless object.
porcelain memory stick
Here is a new release, the porcelain memory stick, a 1GB UFD in a handmade porcelain case featuring USB 2.0. The Porcelain Memory turns the traditional notion of a memory stick on its head and offers a hand crafted, beautifully glazed piece of technology in a non-tech body, and the presentation really shines when the operating LED starts glowing through the china. To make each porcelain UFD unique each carries it’s own hand knit pouch. Not a USB deal at $125, but you would be the only one the block with one. Source: Charles&Marie via Uber-Review

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