No PCMCIA slot? Use Sewell USB adaptor to connect

SewellMultiple PCMCIA slots are much harder to come by then the 2 or 4 USB ports found on most laptops and with many local network providers offering network cards in a PCMCIA format it’s hard to make the connection. The SW-5060 from Sewell is a great solution. The SW-5060 is a PCMCIA dock with a USB connector for quick connection to any laptop USB port where PCMCIA slots are not available or already being used by another application. The “dock station” is designed for many 16-bit 3G cards, but not all, so check the Sewell list for compatability. The card is removable so the SW-5060 allows the user to move connections between your laptop or desktop in a single step. Prices start at just around $135USD for the SW-5060 and a 32 bit version is also available.Sewell

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