FotoAlbum for U3 USB devices

Press Release: Summary: FotoTime now offers their powerful and award winning digital photo suite, FotoAlbum, to be used with U3 smart drives. The FotoAlbum Pro provides the power to manage a lifetime of pictures and videos by maintaining an easily searchable database that includes albums, keywords, captions, ratings and dates. FotoTime, Inc., a leading provider of digital photo and video solutions, today announced FotoAlbum Pro for U3 image management and organizing software. Now consumers have a powerful solution to transfer their complete digital image library and management software to any Windows PC. FotoAlbum Pro for U3 provides 100 percent of the functionality of the standard version of the software and can run on a U3 smart device without any prior installation onto the host PC. With the availability of the U3-certified version, FotoAlbum Pro now supports a complete range of portable devices including iPods, PDAs and PSPs. “We set out to bring to market the most powerful solution possible for managing and organizing digital images and video,” said Andrew Pitts, FotoTime CEO. “We also recognized that consumers want freedom to move those images anywhere they want and on any device they use. We will continue to take advantage of new technology to meet our users’ needs for power and flexibility.” U3 smart drives lets users carry everything they need for a familiar computing experience — software applications and data, personal preferences, favorites, profiles and bookmarks — as well as access and use that personal digital universe on any computer. U3 smart drives are highly portable and secure, and when a user is ready to move to another PC, everything goes along, without any personal information left behind. U3 smart software running on U3 smart drives lets users dramatically improve their computing experience by accessing and interacting with their personal digital universe in the same way, everywhere. FotoAlbum Pro provides the power to manage a lifetime of pictures and videos by maintaining an easily searchable database that includes albums, keywords, captions, ratings, dates and EXIF/IPTC metadata. In addition to FotoAlbum Pro’s organizational capabilities, the software also includes photo editing, batch processing, slideshows, print ordering and more. FotoAlbum Pro’s synchronization technology replicates photos and videos to portable USB powered gadgets as well as to FotoTime’s FotoShare service for sharing photos and videos online.

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